The perfect bras for every stage of life

Triton 3 Bra┬áMultitude of shapes, models, sizes and cups … The best bras are those that best adapt to the stage of life in which you find yourself and to the concrete situations of everyday life. Succeeding in the election can bring benefits for your health.

“It is essential to make a good choice of bra because, as its name suggests, it serves to hold the chest. So that this garment can fulfill its function, it is necessary to choose the correct size or sizes and the ideal models, since its use has consequences at different levels “, says Laura Vicente, manager of Dama de Co pas Goya, in Madrid, where they advise on lingerie and give the correct size of each woman.


“Many women do not give much importance to the choice of bra, thinking that it does not fulfill anything more than a function of fastening or simply aesthetics, but do not contemplate the needs for adaptability and comfort of the chest and back,” says Pilar Medina, of the National Association of Midwives .

In general, says this matron, ” a good bra is one that covers the chest with the cup, does not press the bottom or contour, does not climb the back and holds the chest completely . Depending on the size, the fastening is also very important. The bigger the chest, the wider the straps should be. Also, in these cases firm fabrics and more armed structures “.

Ten features to consider when buying a bra

It is important to know that the bra size is composed of a number (contour) and a letter (the cup) . The number defines the outline of the chest (under the chest) and the letter, the volume of the chest. The bra is a small garment, but very complex. In addition to there being more than 100 different sizes, there are also many styles of bra and tissues vary, which makes the process of choice difficult.

With regard to the size, the lateral band of the fastener must be adjusted and completely horizontal , so that the fastener can be fastened in the brackets of the outer ends and be adjusted as the contour is stretched. In addition, to verify that we do not wear it too tight, we must be able to introduce two fingers between the band and the back without complication.

As for the cup, the hoop should embrace the base of the breast to wrap the entire breast . Thus, there should be no extra space in the cup or the “double breast” effect occurs. In the case of the smaller breast is also a challenge, since many times the cups are separated from the chest and does not favor.

There are many erroneous myths that describe the ring as harmful to the chest . This is not true, it must simply be long enough to collect the entire breast and thus not be key anywhere. You should never touch breast tissue. The hoop is very important to give elevation and shape to the breast, so it has to be strong and embrace the whole breast.

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